Melbourne Flower and Garden Show 2019

The lab entered the Bapcare shop window competition at the 2019 Melbourne Flower and Garden Show.

The theme of the display is ‘Home is where the heart is’. Our interpretation is an urban apartment building integrating nature to create a welcoming home.


The lab team for this display were Tamara Watson, Michael Cordeiro, Melanie Van Til and Gayle Robinson.

Flower Power!

In 2017 the Neurofloristry Lab was successful in obtaining grant funding from the Australian Research Council. We’re very excited to be able to expand our research.

Here is the summary of our application.

“You can’t have an emotional reaction to a visually beautiful object if you cannot see it. Yet brain regions responsible for vision are thought not to generate the emotional content of aesthetic experience. This project will
address whether these brain regions can represent the emotion of aesthetic experience. The characteristics of flowers and floral design that govern their appeal will be established using large scale web based data collection.
The neural representation of floral beauty will be identified using an integrative data analysis technique. Finding that beauty can be represented in the visual brain will shatter assumptions about how the brain processes
information, leading to new foundational knowledge for sensory neuroscience.”

The team includes Dr Tamara Watson (Western Sydney Uni), Dr Damien Mannion (UNSW Sydney), Prof. Brank Spehar (UNSW Sydney) and we’ve been joined by Dr Matthew Patten ((Western Sydney Uni).

FleurAmour 2015

The NeuroFloristry Lab was successful in securing research funding to investigate what we love about gerberas. This research will be centered around Fleuramour Flower Show in Belgium and is being carried out in partnership with Holstein Flowers of the Netherlands.

Fleuramour 2015
Fleuramour 2015

Fleuramour is one of Europe’s most exciting flower shows. This year it celebrates its 20th anniversary. Held at Alden Biesen, a beautiful castle in the Belgian countryside, this is a very exciting opportunity for us! Even better, we are partnering with Holstein Flowers who develop an outstanding range of gerberas.

You can find out more about Fleuramour and follow the flower show on facebook or on the website .

Holstein Flowers

You can find out more  about Holstein Flowers on their website If you’re looking for design inspiration their website is a great place to begin.

Check back here to for updates on the NeuroFloristry Lab’s project at Fleuramour.

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